A Musical Journey through Astrology

Multiple Blue Rings


Aries: Your Broadway musical is "The Lion King"! Thrilling, creative, and physically incredible. You already know the songs by heart!


Taurus: Classic Broadway glamour with a touch of reality. "The Color Purple" revival is perfect. Cynthia Erivo brings the house down!


The timeless Broadway hit, "Wicked," reveals the Wicked Witch's backstory. Witty lyrics and a smart, literary plot captivate audiences.


Cancer: "Waitress" is the perfect musical for you, celebrating family and mother-child love. A charming, pie-filled love story on Broadway


Despite being a box office flop, "Cats" had a Broadway impact with catchy songs, incredible dancing, and iconic cat costumes.


Classic perfection: "Les Miserables" combines a great story with sweeping music in an old-school musical that thrills audiences today.


It doesn’t get bigger or more iconic than “Phantom of the Opera.” The over-the-top sets, lush vocals and major melodrama appeal to your inner theater geek.


Scorpio: Not big on musical theater, but "Chicago" appeals to your taste. It's a fun, sexy, murder-themed musical with scorching numbers.


“Rent” was a huge counter-culture touchstone in the late 90s. Although it hasn’t necessarily aged that well, it still captures a beautiful, iconoclastic spirit that resonates with Sagittarius.


Capricorn: Your ideal musical is "Hamilton"! It embodies ambition, hard work, and being in the room where it happens. Broadway history


Aquarius: "Hair" is your musical choice! The 60s classic features the iconic song "Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In" and protest rock that resonates.


Pisces: "Dear Evan Hansen" is a contemporary musical that will make you laugh, cry, and leave "You Will Be Found" stuck in your head.