10 Things You Should Never Do at the Dog Park, Vets Say

Off-Peak Visits

Ensure a safe, enjoyable dog park experience. Avoid peak hours when conflicts are more likely. Opt for off-peak times for a calmer environment.

No Stranger Treats

Avoid giving treats to unfamiliar dogs at the dog park. Respect dietary restrictions, allergies, and owners' preferences. Prioritize their well-being.

Avoid Stagnant Water

Avoid standing water at dog parks. Puddles can harbor bacteria like leptospirosis. Protect your pet's health by skipping contaminated areas.

Unvaccinated Puppies

Prioritize puppy vaccinations before dog park visits. Protect against deadly diseases like parvovirus. Ensure your pup's safety and health.

Sick Dog Stay Home

No sick pets at the park. Avoid dog gatherings if your pet isn't feeling well. Resting is better for their health and prevents potential contagion.

Stay Dog-Focused

Dog Park Mistakes to Avoid: 1) Peak hours visit 2) No treats to strangers' dogs 3) Steer clear of standing water 4) Unvaccinated puppies stay home.

Scoop Dog Poop

Clean up after your dog at the park. It's a social responsibility. Always monitor your dog's actions and carry multiple poop bags for proper disposal.

Avoid Hot Dog Parks

Overexertion and overheating can be dangerous for dogs, especially brachycephalic breeds. Limit exercise and monitor for signs of exhaustion.


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standing water

Avoid standing water at dog parks due to bacterial contamination, including leptospirosis. It can pose health risks to dogs.