10 Strange Things Dogs Do and Why They Do Them

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Butt sniffing

Dogs greet each other by sniffing rear ends to gather vital information from anal secretions. This unique form of identification helps determine friendliness, aggression, and health status.

Car Head Hang

Dogs enjoy sensory overload when hanging their heads outside a car. Olfactory stimulation is heightened, providing enrichment and excitement from new smells.

Poop Paw Dance

Dog's territorial marking with scents from their paws. Kicking dirt after defecating relays messages to other dogs about territory, availability, and danger.


Zoomies: Dogs experience FRAPS (frenetic random activity periods) as bursts of energy. Typically in young or inactive dogs, often after bathing or during play.

Pre-Lie Circle

Dog behaviors: Butt sniffing is a greeting and identification method. Dogs enjoy the sensory overload of hanging their heads outside a car. Staring while pooping may stem from a desire for reward.

Sleep Noises

Dogs dream during REM sleep, exhibiting behaviors related to their instincts and experiences. Watching their eye movements can indicate dreaming.

Shar Pei

Shar Pei dogs,  are relatively calm and rarely bark unless there is a potential threat. They make excellent obedient companions and are among the breeds least likely to bark according to a study.

Whining in the car

Dogs may whine in the car due to stress, fear, motion sickness, or discomfort. Distract with treats and provide fresh air or a window view for relief.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus have huge hearts and love affection. They are well-suited for indoor living, require minimal outdoor space, and enjoy being lapdogs.

Humping Behavior

Natural humping behavior in dogs occurs due to sexual, dominance, excitement, or stress-related triggers. It can also indicate under-socialization.