10 Reasons Why Cats Are Way Better Than Dogs

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Smart Cat Owners

Study: Cat people smarter than dog people. Research suggests self-identified cat lovers have higher intelligence. However, they may be less outgoing.

They splash less.

Cats drink water efficiently with a splash-free technique, forming a funnel with their tongues. Dogs, in contrast, make a messy splash. Science shows cats rule and dogs drool.

They're cheaper.

Adopting a cat is cost-efficient with fees starting at $32, while dogs can range from $115 to $660. Save money and adopt a cat

Humans > Food

Cats love humans more than food, debunking the myth of their aloofness. Research shows cats prefer human interaction over other stimuli like toys and food.

Meaningful love: Cats vs. Dogs

Dogs love everyone, but when a cat warms up to you, it feels special and earned. Their innate caution makes their affection unique, and it's not just about food, as per the Behavioural Processes study.

Sleep Noises

Cats weigh 10 pounds on average, while medium-sized dogs weigh 50 pounds.

They live longer.

Cats live 10-15 years, dogs 8-11 years. Cats have longer lifespans than dogs, making them a better pet for some people.

 Cats: Nature's Predators

Cats sleep long hours because they are predators. They are responsible for killing 2.9 billion rodents and birds every year.

 Cats: The Greener Choice

Cats' hunting is not harmful to the environment, but dogs have a large carbon footprint.

They clean themselves.

Cats groom themselves with their barbed tongues, so they don't need regular grooming sessions like dogs.