Top 10 Healthiest Cat Breeds

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Ragamuffins: related to Ragdolls, affectionate, docile, great family companions, go limp when picked up.


American Shorthair

American Shorthair: "America's cat," created in the US from cats that came to America. First recognized as a breed in 1906.

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Egyptian Mau

Unique breed, not necessarily from Egypt. Only domestic breed with naturally spotted coat. Active and enjoys family time, but shy with strangers.

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Russian Blue

Russian Blue: natural breed with beautiful blue coat. Humans didn't alter looks or temperament. Breeders started standardization in late 1800s.

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British Shorthair

Poodles: intelligent, athletic. Originally hunting dogs. Lifespan 10-18 yrs. Longer, healthier lives. Prone to joint, eye issues.

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Bombay: active and affectionate, suitable for apartments. Named after Indian port, but no connection to the country.



Singapura: tiny cat from Singapore, retains exotic look and personality. Very affectionate, loves interacting with family and strangers.


Havana Brown

Havana Brown: unrelated to Cuba, Siamese heritage. Affectionate, vocal, and demanding. Enjoys toys, loves lap cuddles.



Korat: from Thailand, affectionate and follows owners. Doesn't do well when alone for long periods, highly social breed.


Turkish Van

Turkish Van: loves water, often found playing in sink or bathtub. Thick coat from natural development in Turkish mountains.