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10 Fun, Impressive Tricks You Can Teach Any Dog



Train your dog to kiss on command! Watch the step-by-step video guide to teach your furry friend this adorable trick. Sticky item, treats, and clicker required. Dog kisses cat too!

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Bark On Command

Teach your dog to bark on command - a challenging trick but impressive. Patience required. Watch video for guidance. Bark = reward. Impressive!

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Shake Hands

Teach your dog the "Shake Hands" trick. Use closed fistful of treats, command "Shake," repeat, and they'll learn. Easy and cute trick! Watch video for instructions.

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Teach your dog to play fetch properly. Watch tutorial for tips on getting them interested and retrieving the toy. Overcome challenges and have fun!

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Roll Over

Teach your dog "Roll Over" trick. Repetition is key. Video tutorial breaks it down into 3 steps. Soon you'll be the go-to dog trainer!

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Play Dead

Impress with "Play Dead" trick. Persistence required. Tutorial teaches backward approach. Use clicker and treats. "Roll Over" knowledge helps. Have fun!

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Teach your dog to spin on command. Start with treats, progress to verbal command. Hand cue or treats are still an accomplishment. Celebrate! Watch video for guidance.

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Sit Pretty

Teach your dog to "Sit Pretty" for cute pictures and exercise. Benefits balance and core muscles. Check dog's health. Watch video for instructions.

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Teach your dog to hug you back! Be patient and understand their learning pace. "Sit Pretty" knowledge helps. Watch video for instructions. Share your dog's tricks and plans!

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