Dogs That Get Along with Cats

Basset hound

mellow, loyal, patient. Their howling adds charm. Great for cats; introduction and acclimation will be smooth.


social, good with cats. Thrive on interaction, hunt in packs. Howling may annoy cats, but no major conflicts expected.


Pomeranians, originating from Central Europe, are adorable small dogs with a poofy coat. Bred as lap dogs, they have a fluffy double coat that adds to their charming appearance.


Playful, friendly. Gets along with cats, sees it as a game. Lap lover, snuggles with cat. Both can use indoor potty system.

Tibetan spaniel

Quiet, loving. Cat-friendly, happy-go-lucky. Independent streak, loves higher places. Cat and Tibbie may rule, but they're adorable.


Class clown, playful. Cat and pug shenanigans, get a pet camera. Pug brings fun, energy, and excitement. No dull days for the cat, ecstatic greetings for you.

Bichon Frise

Friendly, playful. Loves cats, sees them as playmates. Lively nature, not ideal for anxious cats.


The Maltese is a popular lapdog known for being calm, easy to train, and affectionate. Their small size and low exercise needs make them a convenient choice.


Quiet, gentle, chill. Great for apartment living. Ideal for cats who prefer peace. Content with exercise, sunbathing, and calm environment.

 Irish setter

Party animal, friendly with cats. High-energy, invites playful interaction. Gorgeous red coat, cat won't resist the fun.