We're Just on the South County Trailway, off of 9A and parallel to the Saw Mill River.
On the same dead end street as the local Harley Davidson shop.  We're the last building on West Main St. - the dead end - huge brown warehouse.
* For overnights please check in before noon, and check out is 11 am, after 11 am, daycare rates will be applied.
Open for overnights every day including holidays.  Closed for daycare on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day & Easter Sunday.
Operating Hours
Open Monday thru Friday
6:30am-7pm or Overnight *

Open Saturday & Sunday
8am-6pm for Daycare
Buddy's Barking Lot
12 West Main Street
Building "E"
South County Trail System
Elmsford, NY 10523

Phone: 914-345-3000
Fax: 914-345-3004
Rules for our Doggie Daycare and our Dog Hotel Service

WE LOVE DOGS, and we want what's best for them. Here are our Rules and Regulations.
1.   All dogs must pass a doggie interview in order to attend daycare or stay at the doggie hotel.  The interview is no charge, by appointment only. 

2.  All dogs should  be in by 11 a.m.   Interviews must be in the mornings only.  We no longer interview dogs in the afternoon, after the pack is already formed for the day.

3.   All dogs must be up to date  on the following vaccinations:
DHPP (short for distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza and parvovirus),

Bordetella 2x per year, every six months please


Canine  Influenza Vaccination (Doggie Flu Shot)

4.  All dogs must be spayed by 6 months old.   

5.   We do not accept Pit Bulls/Pit mixes  at this time,  and this  is due to our  Insurance.  We're not saying we don't love a nice big Pit Bull, we DO love them, but our Insurance is our business law that we  must abide by.    Just as homeowners insurance companies will not insure a home that has certain dog breeds, ours is the same.  We have no control over those powers that be.
6. If your dog is from an unknown but obvious traumatic situation, daycare may not be  a  good fit.  It totally depends on the dog, and that is why the interview and age of the dog is so very important.  

7.  Any initial discovery or later display of aggression, at any time, towards a human or another dog, is cause for immediate dismissal.   No Toy/Ball Aggression is tolerated either, as we allow the daycare dogs to play with both.

8.  Any dog who is from a shelter, is urged to be totally bonded with their owner and surroundings prior to coming to daycare.  We don't want your dog thinking they're being "abandoned" when their humans bring them to us.  So we'd ask of course to have the interview, and then, ease the dog in to daycare gradually.....an hour a day, then two hours a day, then a half day, and then full day. 

9.  Payment is due upon pick up of your dog at the end of the day. Unless you've purchased a package in advance, please pay us by the end of the day.  No credit cards, checks or cash only.

10.  Weekdays we're open until 7 p.m. for pick up.  Weekends, we're open until 5 p.m. for pick up.  Check out is at 11 a.m. and you'll be charged for daycare after 11 a.m. on day of pick up.
Susan Ekaireb of NYC, NY joined the pack  in 2011 and became the Co-Owner of Buddy's.  Prior to joining the pack, Susan worked for many years in dog rescue, and helped save hundreds and hundreds of dogs.

Liz Marsek is the Manager of Buddy's and has been there since it's inception.  Liz is one of the back bones of the operation and is devoted to Buddy's as well as every single dog who comes through the doors.

Sage D. is our Assistant Manager and Dog Care Specialist .  Sage has been at Buddy's since 2013 and prior to that, she worked at a local Animal Shelter, so her kindness and love for animals made her transition to Buddy's pack seamless.
Stacey M. is our Dog Care Associate who hails from the lovely state of Pennsylvania.  Stacey has been a helper to us for many, many years - she worked at the former "Camp Buddy" back in the day, and knows many of our dogs very well.  Stacey works both day and overnight shifts.

Ivy T.   A Paralegal by trade, Ivy cannot get enough of our dogs here at Buddy's, so she splits her time between working with Lawyers in NYC, and, our dog pack!  Ivy works all shifts.

Gina C.  Gina has been with Buddy's since we moved to our Elmsford location in 2015; the dogs love her and so do we!
Doggie Daycare Services

We have devoted over an entire decade of perfecting the art of Doggie Daycare.  We also offer overnights and dog grooming. We're renowned for being wildly successful because of our laid back, stress free environment.  Our dogs are free to be themselves, socialize and play together and form one big happy pack, every day.  We are cage and crate free.

A day at Buddy's Barking Lot includes a full day of fun. Our supervised, open pack play groups gives you back a tired and happy dog at the end of the day. Your dog will get just the right balance of affection, attention & activity along with cuddle time whenever they want it.

Your dog will get exercise throughout the day and develop very important  socialization skills (with their canine & human buddies, at Buddy's). View our pictures, as they illustrate what a day at Buddy's is like for the dogs in daycare, much better than any human could articulate!have the interview, and then, ease the dog in to daycare gradually.....an hour a day, then two hours a day, then a half day, and then full day.

Monday - Friday 6:30 am - 7:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday 8:00 am  - 6:00 pm
Daycare Rates

$10 per hour
$30 for up to 5 hours
$40 for up to 12 hours

Daycare Packages

Happy Dog • 20 Day (M-F only) package $700 ($100 savings)
Good Dog • 6 Month (120 days, M-F only) package $3,900 ($300 savings)
Lucky Dog • 12 month (240 days, M-F only) package $7,800 ($600 savings)

* Our packages are only for Monday - Friday daycare only and they do not include weekend daycare or overnight stays