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   Buddy's Barking Lot

   An Exceptional Doggie Day Care Facility
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3 American Legion Drive
Ardsley, NY 10502-1803
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At Buddy's Barking Lot we are a stimulating, crate-free
and happy environment supervised by enthusiastic dog
lovers. Whether it's just a few hours a week or everyday,
Buddy’s Barking Lot provides an exciting social
environment for dogs to make friends, play and have fun.
The Champion for All Breeds: A Conversation with
Eileen Fleming, Founder of Buddy's Barking Lot
We are devoted to providing a safe, healthy, loving and fun
environment for our dog clients and their owners. We strive
to improve the lives of every dog we have contact with and
to actively help our clients fully enjoy their canine companions.
Our goal is to create joy for dogs & their people.
Similar to that of a child’s daycare facility, our dogs’ days
are structured and planned. They are grouped together for play
time, rest, walks, and field trips based on their size, age,
and personality.
We provide the following:
 •   Comfy beds to rest in.
•  Group activities and individual attention.
•  Plenty of exercise and fun.
•   Unlimited love and affection.